What's Great About the Music Ace Series . . .

Music Ace is a combination of music theory lessons and challenging games that introduces your child to music.
Children love games. Maestro Max, singing notes, and other interactive characters give Music Ace a game-like quality. It’s the fun way to introduce your child to music.

Music Ace makes the hard stuff fun.
Through a series of fun and interactive lessons, your child will be learning difficult music theories without even knowing it!

Music Ace brings music education to your home.

Parents, now you can add music to the subjects that children learn at home. Music Ace lessons are self-paced and can be used as supplements to schoolroom music classes (or when no music courses are available).

Music Ace rounds out your child’s education.

In a fast-paced, changing world giving your child a well-rounded education is more important than ever. A foundation in music and the arts has long been a respected part of a complete education.

Music Ace can make your child smarter.
There have been many studies conducted that have found a correlation between students that study music and a high academic performance.