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Featuring the 36 core lessons of Music Ace Maestro, Music Ace Deluxe - Piano Student Edition (PSE), is a comprehensive series of music lessons that teach the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening and the keyboard. Click here for more information about Music Ace Deluxe PSE. (Note - Music Ace Deluxe and Music Ace Deluxe PSE contain the same lesson content but come in different packages, and Music Ace Deluxe PSE does not come with a printed instruction manual.)

Piano Student Resources
Method Correlation Downloads
Composers and musical compositions search tool
    On-line Piano Method Correlation Search Tool

Harmonic Vision’s On-Line Correlation Search Tool makes using the lessons of the Music Ace family with branded piano methods easy. It helps piano students and teachers easily locate specific lessons in the Music Ace family by topic, and it eases the task of determining what lessons and sections are germane to specific piano method books.

Click here to access this tool.

More About the On-Line Correlation Search Tool
  • Search ALL Music Ace lessons by topic.

  • Provides a page-by-page correlation between specific piano method books and product in the Music Ace family.

  • Currently supports Faber/FJH, Bastien/Kjos, Hal Leonard, Thompson and Alfred.

High Scores

Want to see how good you really are at Music Ace? Since many of the games are not deterministic, it is difficult to say precisely what the highest possible score is. However, in order to allow you to compare yourself to others, we have provided a table of reported high scores for all games. We invite you, and all students, to submit your own high scores to us, which will be tabulated on the high scores table. Click here to learn how to submit scores and review other scores.


Piano Method Correlations

To make the Music Ace products more useful with the most popular piano methods, we have developed a set of Piano Method Correlations. The correlations are available as pdf downloads.

The correlations provide a cross-reference between specific method books, and pages within those books, to specific Music Ace lessons and games. These correlations will help piano teachers and students integrate Music Ace lessons with their piano lessons.

Correlations are currently available for the Faber/FJH, Hal Leonard, Thompson, Bastien/Kjos and Alfred method series.

Download the Piano Method Correlations by clicking here.


Composers & Musical
Compositions Search Tool

An on-line tool to find where composers and their musical compositions appear in the Music Ace education software series. Click here to access this tool.