Selected Music Ace Success Stories

Music Technology Leader Recognized As Teacher of the Year

Wal-Mart Honors Sarah Bush Randolph

Early in her teaching career, Sarah Bush Randolph had to wear many hats. One of them was that of the computer technology coordinator — while she was also the band director. This dual experience was elemental in helping Sarah become one of the most respected music technology educators in Illinois.

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Music Ace in the San Lorenzo Schools

From the Lab, to the Laptop, to the Home

by Anita Cooley, Music Department Chair

As head of all the music programs in the San Lorenzo school district in San Lorenzo, California, you can imagine the challenges I face in trying to create a standardized music education curriculum that works for students in kindergarten as well as those in high school.

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Music Ace and Higher Education:

Key Role at Converse College

Dr. Patricia Foy, Chair of Music and Pedagogy at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, first discovered Music Ace in the mid 1990s. "I first learned about Music Ace from Harmonic Vision at an MENC Conference, and the quality of the material and instructional style struck me as exceptional."

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The Music Leadership Institute

Butler University Making Music a Core Curriculum Component

Butler University has established a unique program for high-achievement high school students. The Music Leadership Institute (MLI), founded by Butler music professor Dr. Tim Brimmer, is an eight-month experience for college-bound students that addresses music and the arts as the core of an interdisciplinary/multi-disciplinary curriculum, which incorporates math, physics, language arts and other disciplines.

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