Upgrade a Music Ace Product

If you currently own an older version of a Music Ace product you may wish to upgrade to the current version for a variety of reasons. If you have the registration number for your license and it is for version 3 or later, we may be able to offer you an upgrade at a reduced cost.

Please call our office at 800-474-0903 or email us at sales@harmonicvision.com with the registration number and version number of the Music Ace produt you currently own. The version number is located on the disc, below the center circle.

Please Note: Upgrade products available from our office can be shipped to the U.S. only. Upgrades to Consumer edition and single-computer Educator edition products for customers outside the U.S. are not offered. To request information about upgrading a multi-computer edition located outside the U.S. please use our contact form.