Music Ace 2


Music Ace 2, the second title in the highly-acclaimed Music Ace series from Harmonic Vision, introduces concepts such as standard notation, rhythm, melody, key signatures, harmony, intervals and more. Maestro Max and his choir of Singing Notes return for an encore performance with more than 2,000 musical examples and a variety of new instruments to provide beginning and intermediate students with a continuing introduction to music fundamentals and theory. Music Ace 2 continues the same fun and engaging format of 24 comprehensive lessons, challenging games and a creative composition tool.

The school network edition (LAN) of Music Ace 2 makes it easy to organize up to 3600 users at a single site into a maximum of 60 groups. Within each group, teachers can track the progress and game scores of up to 60 users. When used in a secure network environment, Music Ace 2 can be configured to grant the appropriate access privileges for both users and administrators.

24 engaging, self-paced lessons that accelerate development of fundamental music skills and music theory. Lessons cover:

  • Standard Notation
  • Tempo
  • Treble, Alto & Bass Clefs
  • Comparing Rhythms
  • Rhythmic Dictation
  • Echoing
  • Quarter Notes
  • Eighth Notes
  • Rests
  • Measures
  • All Key Signatures
  • Hearing Melodies
  • Melodic Contour
  • Syncopation
  • Half Notes & Ties
  • Dotted Quarter Notes
  • Sixteenth Notes
  • Rhythmic Composition
  • Time Signature
  • Major & Minor Scales
  • Intro to Intervals
  • Three Sounds Per Beat
  • 6/8 Time
  • Intro to Harmony

24 exciting games (one per lesson) sharpen music skills and improve retention of important lesson concepts. Colorful animated 3-D graphics, bonus points and high scores provide fun, interactive entertainment.

Unique feature allows individuals to easily compose their own music using a variety of instrument sounds. These creative compositions can be saved and played back for others, showcasing the knowledge and skills acquired from the lessons and games. Users can also listen to and modify popular music selections from the Jukebox section of the Music Doodle Pad.

New features enable teachers to select clef instruction (treble and bass, treble only, bass only or alto only), determine rhythmic stringency (relaxed or strict), determine game difficulty (novice or advanced), and also adjust the appearance of the notes and instruments (with or without faces).

Allows teachers to track each student's progress through lessons and games; includes a "completion count" for each student and "games progress" for high scores. Progress sheets can be printed for each user.

Feature unique to network edition enables teachers to define and arrange up to 60 groups to track the progress of a maximum of 60 students per group. Students' high game scores are compared within each group and progress sheets can be printed as a group.

Security feature works with school's pre-determined network password access and login. Allows each student access to their own private Music Ace 2 file. Provides teachers special access to all student files and capability to add and delete user files.

All School Network editions include:

  • User's Guide
  • Network Installation Guide
  • Educator's Guide (see below)
  • Network license
  • 1 Network CD-ROM

The Music Ace 2 Educator's Guide is a 3-ring binder that includes:

  • Reproducible blackline masters-lesson progress sheets, award certificates, spelling games with note names, various staff activities, and many other fun tools to enhance the students' music education process
  • Suggested activities for more creative uses of Music Ace 2
  • Detailed matrices of concepts explored in each lesson and game
  • Suggestions for ideal classroom instruction methods
  • General Music Ace 2 user information

File Server:

  • 100 MB free hard disk space; 10 Megabits/second LAN speed or faster



  • XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 50 MB RAM
  • 60 MB free hard disk space
  • 16-bit sound
  • CD-ROM drive, mouse
  • General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL  


  • PowerPC, Intel
  • OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 60 MB of free hard disk space
  • 50 MB of available RAM
  • CD-ROM drive and mouse
  • General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL

The 5-seat Network edition of Music Ace 2 is $275 and accommodates use on 5 workstations. The 30 seat Network edition of Music Ace 2 is $1,199 and accommodates 30 computers. Non-networked educator edition, lab-packs, site and district licenses, and basic consumer editions are also available. For more information or to order, please visit your favorite music software dealer or call Harmonic Vision at (800) 474-0903.

* Pricing subject to change.


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