Educator edition - Designed for the teaching classroom. Tracks the progress up to 240 students. Licensed for a single computer. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 User's Guide and 1 Educator's Guide*. $127.95

Lab Packs - Lab Packs are sold based upon the number of computers and can be licensed for any number of computers. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 Educator's Guide* and 1 User's Guide. Typical Lab Pack prices are: 5 computers - $440, 15 computers - $1,112, 30 computers - $1,918.

Network edition - This edition is designed to run in a networked lab environment. The network edition tracks the progress of up to 3,600 students on the network - 60 students per class x 60 classes. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 User's Guide, 1 Educator's Guide*, and 1 Network Installation Guide. Network editions are sold based upon the number of workstations and can be configured for any number of workstations. Typical prices are: 5 workstations- $440, 30 workstations - $1,918.

*Educator's Guide - Designed by music educators to maximize the usefulness of Music Ace in an educational setting, this Educator's Guide comes in a three-ring binder and includes a comprehensive User's Guide, activity ideas, black-line masters and a detailed matrix of Music Ace lesson content.

Registered owners of Music Ace may be eligible for special upgrade pricing. Please call (800) 474-0903 or visit our upgrade options page for additional details.

* Pricing subject to change.


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