Consumer edition - Intended for home use on a single computer. Tracks progress of 6 users. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 User's Guide. $49.95

Educator edition - Designed for the teaching classroom. Tracks the progress up to 240 students. Licensed for a single computer. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 User's Guide and 1 Educator's Guide*. $79.95

Lab Packs - Lab Packs are sold based upon the number of computers and can be licensed for any number of computers. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 Educator's Guide* and 1 User's Guide. Typical Lab Pack prices are: 5 computers - $275, 15 computers - $695, 30 computers - $1,199.

Network edition - This edition is designed to run in a networked lab environment. The network edition tracks the progress of up to 3,600 students on the network - 60 students per class x 60 classes. Includes 1 CD-ROM, 1 User's Guide, 1 Educator's Guide*, and 1 Network Installation Guide. Additional information is available in the Network edition Fact Sheet. Network editions are sold based upon the number of workstations and can be configured for any number of workstations. Typical prices are: 5 workstations- $275, 30 workstations - $1,199.

*Educator's Guide - Designed by music educators to maximize the usefulness of Music Ace 2 in an educational setting, this Educator's Guide comes in a three-ring binder and includes a comprehensive User's Guide, 20 engaging activity ideas, 40 useful black-line masters and a detailed matrix of Music Ace 2 lesson contents.

Registered owners of Music Ace may be eligible for special upgrade pricing. Please call (800) 474-0903 for additional details.

* Pricing subject to change

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Educator edition

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